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JUMP In To The Life You Always Wanted

Your self-transformation journey to unwinding your mind, unlocking true happiness,  and finally achieving soul-enriching success is only a jump away. 

Are you ready to JUMP?

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How Could The JUMP Change Your Life?

Take our free life blueprint quiz to uncover what JUMPing into self-transformation could look like for you.

It aLL BEGINS WITH understanding THE easy...


Architect Your Life

Did life not turn out the way you planned? That's true for most of us, but now it's time to understand why...and how to start architecting the life you always dreamed of. You just need a JUMP start!

Discover Your Purpose 

Once A, B, C are in alignment, you have the tools to start truly creating the change you desire then your purpose is clear! 

Blueprint For Your Life

Houses need blueprints, businesses need blueprints, so why not have a LIFE blueprint?

After your JUMP start, jump online to discover your self-transformation blueprint in our online academy. 

Create Change

You can hope for change, but it will never happen unless you have the right tools. 

Blueprint in hand, we'll be here to make sure you have the tools necessary to leave all fears behind and begin your path to a purposeful life!

about us

Transform Your Life Alongside Master Architects

Travis Fox, Chief Architect and Founder, has been waking people up and guiding self-transformation journeys for more than 30 years. 

Backed by a trained team of 12 Master Architects who chose self-transformation instead of day-to-day boredom, you'll never be alone as you unleash the power within and unlock your own path to true happiness. 

790+ Success Stories

3,970+ 5 Star Ratings

5,000+ Lives Transformed


Say Yes To A Journey Of A Lifetime

You see, unlike other "self-help gurus" who promise to give you a magic antidote to happiness and success, we follow a simple philosophy:

"You go, we go."

Only you can make the choice to take the jump and change your life. You already have the power within to do it. 

And there's a whole community waiting for you to say YES! 


HEAR What Others Are Saying

Live Comments
Laura Perna
Michelle Eberhard
Jamie Knapp

Jump Graduate Review

What was the one thing that impacted you the most from the jump?
Great content
The vast content
The emotions that I was feeling when I was observing from the guardians that came to me when I was sitting in stillness.
Everyday learning of new patterns we dont realize are happening. Travis broke them down so it was easy to learn from our own perspective.
That the choice is really YOURS on how to want to live life!
I can't pick one thing. There were nuggets of inspiration every day.
The facts about out conscience and sub-conscience and how they affect us in our mind and decision making.
Getting clarity around the guardian and the subconscious mind
I liked learning about the Golden Circle
The and nowI've used it myself quite a lot and also had my 6 year olds daughter use it when she started getting frustrated and it was helpful for her.
My heart is my hearth, now I remember
Really watching as my boardroom of guardians tried to take overtake my headspace.

Graduate Testimonial

“I started The Jump about a few months ago and right from the start I felt a shift. I was becoming more myself and I found myself experiencing joy I haven’t felt since Childhood. I found myself wearing a bigger smile and found what I can only describe and my inner glow. While I wish I could find the right string of words to put together to explain what this program has done for me it would fail in comparison to the real thing… The only way to truly understand would be to go through it yourself. I hope you do, I hope you take the jump, because I believe everyone deserves to feel that radiating joy that is in each and every one of us from getting to live in our passion every single day.”

Jump Graduate Review

I feel calmer now when in conversations with the negative naysayers.

Glad I got to be a part of this! I would love to have access to the recordings so I could listen again.

I work full time so it was beneficial to have the videos to access afterwards.

Instant results, going to continue. Best program I've found so far.

Again this was one of the BEST experiences I have had and so thankful I chose to accept the invite! I appreciate all of you!

I had a awesome time. I am doing the interactive jump right now and like the multiple choice questions that he does as I am understanding it better.

I can't pick one thing. There were nuggets of inspiration every day.

Graduate Testimonial

“I have gone through over 20 self-development seminars and training’s that have cost me thousands of dollars always coming to the same result… I was exactly where I was when I started. Yeah… I may have a day or two of excitement, but there wasn’t much change if any. Until… I met Dr. Travis Fox, I am truly blessed to have found this program that has given me the tools to truly create the change I have always desired. Thank you Architects Of BEing, and thank you with all my heart Dr. Travis Fox.”

Graduate Testimonial

“Isn’t in time to finally put down all of the things in your life that have been holding you back and begin to create what you have always been seeking?

What would it be like to live the life you have always wanted and finally put down the thoughts and feelings that have been holding you back and begin to just BE?

The Architect in Training Program is the only program that shows you how to create that real change in your life— not just give a bunch of information and then leave you hanging. I have read so many books and attended many of the “Self-help” programs only to be left and have them not really reveal how to accomplish what is being taught.

I am a “how to” guy that has always wanted to really understand what made my head and heart really work. With the other programs, I was always left with the same feeling of “…now what?” and more questions than before. The Architect in Training program showed me the “How To” and then gave me the tools to finally create the change in my life that I always wanted.

I am thankful beyond words for this amazing program that has shown me how to have the life that I wanted through my own creation and how it all works. The knowledge I have received going through the training has allowed me to finally let go and be ME- the ME I have always wanted to be.

If you are someone who likes to understand how to create change in your life, deeper than the surface level of basic understanding and how the mind really works, this is the program for you.”

Business Leadership Book

Architect That was based on the leadership of organizations building your business leading from the bottom up.