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How do I login?

Bottom of every page footer you can find "Affiliate Login" or you can Click Here to Login.

Your account login is the email address used when signing up to promote a product, or used when a vendor manually creates an affiliate from their account.


Where do I see affiliated products?

Affiliates can review all the products they have signed up to promote under the Products tab.

A list of all the products they are approved for, or waiting for approval will be listed here. The affiliate can click on each of these products and they will be taken to that specific products area. See below for a breakdown of this area.

Product overview area.

When an affiliate clicks on a product they are approved to promote, they will be taken to a new section where they can connect their PayPal account, view more detailed stats specific to this product, find out their commission and payout schedule, get their affiliate link(s), check previously referred customers, and view the products promotional materials.

A list of all the products they are approved for, or waiting for approval will be listed here. The affiliate can click on each of these products and they will be taken to that specific products area. See below for a breakdown of this area.

Analytics and Tracking for Affiliates.

As an affiliate, we know it’s important to understand and track the results of your promotions. Which is why you can add your own unique tracking codes as your referred customers go through the checkout funnel*.

*Note; this is subject to the vendor allowing this option to their affiliates.

To set things up, simply head over to your affiliate dashboard and select the product you’re promoting. If the vendor has allowed this function you’ll see a tab for Tracking code.

ThriveCart makes it simple for integration with Facebook Pixel tracking and Google Analytics tracking, you simply need to add your tracking ID in the appropriate field. No need to worry about adding multiple codes across different pages, we handle all of that for you, automatically.

This allows you to easy create audiences and retarget customers that visit the checkout page but don’t go on to purchase giving you more power in your promotions as an affiliate (from within your Ads Manager).

If you’re using a different analytics platform, then you also have the custom codes area. Allowing you to add different tracking scripts where required. See this helpdesk article on custom scripts, which works in the same way.

Remember, the only time your scripts/tracking is loaded is when a customer you’ve referred through your affiliate link goes through the checkout, they will not load for traffic that you do not send.

What are my commissions and when do I get paid?

As an affiliate, you’re going to want to know how much commission you’re earning and when you’re going to get paid.

The vendor of the product you are promoting should have made this clear to you when you signed up. Typically their affiliate page will let you know how much commission and how often you will be paid.

But you can also find these details within your affiliate dashboard.

After signing into your account, you will be taken to your overview page. You then need to click on the products tab (1). Then click a product in your account you have signed up to promote (2).

Under the product details, you will see your affiliate link with an (i) icon near it.

Clicking this information icon will open a modal window with the commission details of the product and any bump or upsells which may be attached.

It will detail how much commission you will be paid, when you will be paid, and how affiliates are tracked (first or last cookie).

What do I do when I login?

Once logged in, the affiliate will be taken to their affiliate dashboard.
Note; if the login is associated with more than one account, then they will select which account they wish to enter. ThriveCart lets users use the same account for all their activity. So a vendor may be an affiliate or a sub-user for another vendors account.

From the affiliate dashboard, affiliates will have an immediate overview of their performance for the day. They can filter this by changing the time period from the drop-down top right of their stats.

Commission area breakdown.

In this area the affiliate can easily view what commissions they have earned and what commissions have been paid out for each product. The affiliate can filter the results by specific products, or commission/payout.

If an affiliate was paid out via PayPal through the system, the payout will have the PayPal logo next to it. If the commission was marked as manually paid by the vendor, ‘manual’ will show.

Can Affiliates see who they referred?

Affiliates can find the details of any referred customers, under their affiliate dashboard.

If the affiliate is promoting multiple vendors, they would first need to select the vendor they’re wanting to see their referrals for.

If the affiliate isn’t promoting for multiple vendors on the platform (or when they click the ‘view products’ button for a vendor they are), they will have a tab called ‘transactions’ available to them.

From the transactions tab, the affiliate can search for specific customers (great for verifying purchases for things like bonuses). The affiliate will also have an overview of their stats, filter and sorted by dates, transaction type, and more.

The information provided to the affiliate is:

  • Product name the customer purchased
  • Customer name (if collected at checkout)
  • Customer email
  • Tracking ID (if used)

Bottom-left of their dashboard, they can download this information in a CSV.

Where can I get my affiliate links?

To access your affiliate links for products you have signed up to or been manually added to by a vendor, you can get these from your affiliate dashboard.

You can access your affiliate dashboard by visiting https://thrivecart.com/signin/ and then logging in using your email address and password.

Once logged in you will have access to your affiliate dashboard and you’ll want to click the products tab at the top.

You’ll be shown a list of products which you are approved for. Any products that are waiting for approval will be listed towards the bottom.

To access your affiliate link, simply click on one of the products to be taken to it’s dedicated resource area.

At the bottom of this area will be your affiliate link. This is the link you must share when promoting a product. If you do not direct traffic to this URL, the sale will not be associated with you.

Note; if you’re wanting to use something like PrettyLinks or goo.gl to shorten or make the URL nicer to share, then you can do so. Just make sure the target of the URL is your affiliate link as shown here.

If the vendor requires you to connect your PayPal before you can access your affiliate link then your affiliate link will be disabled until you have connected your PayPal account. You can learn how to do this here.

How do Affiliates connect their PayPal Account? 

After your affiliates have signed up to promote your product and earn some great commissions, they may be wondering how they can connect their PayPal account so they can get paid.

Let’s take a look from your affiliates perspective on connecting their PayPal account to their ThriveCart affiliate account.

First, they will need to log into their affiliate dashboard by heading over to thrivecart.com

Once signed in they will be taken to their overview page. They then need to click on the products tab (1).

They then need to click a product in their account they have signed up to promote (2).

If they have not connected their PayPal account, and your product settings require them to do so before they can promote, they will need to click the red button Set up PayPal now. This will take them to the page where they can connect their PayPal account to their affiliate account.

It’s also worth noting that if they are required to connect their PayPal account before they can promote, they will not have access to their affiliate link.

From this screen, they can click the button to be taken to PayPal to go through the integration. It’s worth noting that PayPal require affiliates to have a Business PayPal account. This required to ensure the advanced features of ThriveCarts affiliate platform work as intended. If an affiliate tries to connect a personal PayPal account they will be advised to upgrade or connect a business account.

Please note that due to restrictions set by PayPal accounts based in India, Israel, or Japan are not compatible for affiliate payments through the system.

Below, we’re going to go through the typical screen’s you’d expect to see with PayPal when integrating as an affiliate:

Step 1. Enter your PayPal Business account email, select your country, and click Next.

Step 2. PayPal will then redirect you to their login page, you’ll need to log into your Business PayPal account that you entered on the screen before.

Step 3. Next step is to agree to the PayPal permissions. WebActix is the name of the company that own and created ThriveCart. These permissions allow the system to have vendors pay your commissions manually and automatically through PayPal and return commissions should your referred customer refund their purchase.

Step 4. Once you’ve agreed to the permissions you’ll then see this screen where  you can click the button “Go back to WebActix” (This will return you to your ThriveCart affiliate dashboard).

Step 6. You’re all complete and you should see something like the screen below. This confirms your Business PayPal account is correctly integrated with ThriveCart, ready to be paid commissions from the vendors of products you’re promoting (If they’re paying you via PayPal through the system, see this article on learning how and when you can expect payment from vendors).

Where do I find my affiliate links for the website? 

Each link has a label which is the website page link. Here are the page links so you can see what you are sending potential customers.

Live Jump: https://btu360.com/live-jump/

Watch Now: https://btu360.com/watch-now/

Full Jump: https://btu360.com/full-jump/